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Good health is your wealth. It is therefore very necessary to seek medical and health care from qualified medical practitioners. Arleta urgent care near me does not only help you to diagnose and treat minor medical issues but also helps you to keep your health on track. In this post, we are going to explain the benefits that you are going to get from seeking medical and health services from Arleta urgent care clinic in Los Angeles. Also, you can visit this place to learn which types of urgent care services we provide to our patients.

How does Arleta Urgent Care Help to Keep your Health on Track? 

Arleta urgent care clinic is a state of the art clinic offering various types of health and medical care services at affordable prices in Los Angeles. Most patients who suffer from minor illnesses or injuries can find crucial healthcare solutions in this facility. Arleta urgent care clinic belongs to a group of health care facilities known as walk-in care. Patients receive medical attention immediately when they walk into Arleta urgent care clinic. Besides diagnosing and treating patients, medical professionals at Arleta urgent care clinic also help to track treatment plans and other important medical aspects of their patients. Let’s look at some of the health tracking services offered at Arleta urgent care clinic. 

EKG Testing and Monitoring 

Among the various health tracking services offered at Arleta urgent care is EKG testing. EKG testing is an important test to track and monitor the heart’s rhythm in order to detect heart failure and other issues that may affect the heart. You may need to undergo an EKG testing if you have a history of heart conditions in your family, even if you are not exhibiting any symptoms. You may be developing a heart-related disease or disorder if you are displaying the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue 
  • Irregular heart rate 
  • Difficulties in breathing 
  • Chest pains 
  • Palpitations 
  • Swelling feet 
  • Can’t exercise or do heavy work 

An EKG machine is among the standard medical or hospital equipment that you are to find in an emergency room or ambulance. It is a life-saving test that allows doctors to detect heart-related complications before they worsen. The elderly who are above 65 years should also go regular EKG testing. Because they are prone to heart failure and complications. If you are a fit young person with no family history of heart failures or complications, you don’t need regular EKG testing. 

There are no risks associate with EKG resting done at Arleta urgent care near me. Because we use state of the art EKG testing machines. Various electrodes are patched in various parts of the body, including the arms and legs. These electrodes don’t discharge electricity, and they only monitor electrical signals in terms of heart rhythm. This means you don’t need to worry about electric shocks and electrocution while taking this test. 


Another health tracking care provided by Arleta urgent care is physical. This refers to a physical examination done on an athlete who wants to participate in any contact sport. These examinations are often done to determine whether an athlete or a child. He/she is mentally and physically fit or healthy to participate in that particular sporting event. If he or she has underlying health issues that may worsen during the event. The doctor will advise him or her not to participate and seek medical health immediately. 

Pap Smear Tests 

The Pap Smear test is another cervical screening test performed at Arleta urgent care. A pap smear test usually performs by a dermatologist to check for the presence of abnormal cervical cells that may turn out to be precancerous or cancerous. Women who have reached 21 years need to start going for these kinds of tests. The doctor from Arleta urgent care clinic will collect cervical samples to test for cervical cancer. As a woman, you need to take this type of gynecological test because it will help you get early treatment if the abnormal cells turn out to be cancerous or precancerous. 
You may experience mild discomfort from the scraping or cramping after the test. You may also experience very light vaginal bleeding right after the test. Inform your doctor if any discomfort or bleeding persists after the test.


Tracking your health allows you to know whether you are developing any underlying issues that need to address. You can only do this effectively by seeking medical services from reputable health care facilities such as Arleta urgent care clinics. Urgent care clinics are quite helpful because they offer high-quality health care to patients at an affordable cost. If your primary care provider isn’t around to take care of your medical needs, you simply need to seek medical treatment from an urgent care clinic near you.

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