Benefits of Swimming For Your Physical

Excellent cardiovascular activity

Swimming with Lifeguard Training is a perfect endurance activity! Swimming for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, makes it possible to significantly increase your cardiac performance. The risks of cardiovascular diseases are thus limited.


Not to go too abruptly. Go gradually, the acceleration of the heart rate must be measured to be effective. So, if you feel short of breath, take a break to catch your breath. So start with a few lengths and then increase with each session by reducing the break times.

The cardiovascular benefit is only obtained with regularity: it is better to take 2 to 3 times 30 minutes per week rather than 2 hours once a week.

Work all your muscles gently

Thanks to the gravity effect of the water, the muscles work without pain and the movements are more fluid. By swimming you use all of your muscles from head to toe, favoring certain ones depending on the type of swimming you choose.


biceps, abs, calves and pecs.
Butterfly : deep abs.
Front crawl : all major muscles of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, abdominals and chest.
Backstroke : ideal for back muscles.
Refine your silhouette
Complete, swimming is ideal for weight loss. The resistance of the water allows you to burn more calories and the draining effect of the water helps to smooth the skin. The wide movements of swimming allow you to build muscle by lengthening the muscle rather than by gaining mass. As the sessions progress, the body is toned and the silhouette is refined.

The best sport for the back

By swimming regularly, you develop the musculature of your upper body and strengthen your abs and your lumbar belt, which has the effect of relieving your back. The body works gently and smoothly thanks to the phenomenon of lift, thus preventing the back from absorbing and compensating for shocks during exercise.

Benefits also for the mind

The state of weightlessness conferred by water allows an overall muscular relaxation which recalls life in utero and provides a real feeling of plenitude. Tensions disappear to leave a feeling of well-being. In addition, the practice of sport allows the secretion of endorphins, the hormone of pleasure which leads to bliss. By practicing swimming you also act on your stress and your tensions, thus reducing the risk of depression.


Does this last point surprise you? And yet it is very serious! A study conducted by “ The international journal of aquatic research and education ” on 40,000 men aged between 20 and 90, revealed that swimmers reduced the risk of mortality by 50% compared to sedentary men and even compared to regular walkers and runners! Yes, we too, when we discovered this study, we made the same face as you are doing at this moment of your reading.

In Addition,

swimming has positive effects on many diseases : cholesterol , high blood pressure , asthma , heart diseaseand even diabetes .
For example, for people with type 2 diabetes , swimming improves their sensitivity to insulin as well as balancing their blood sugar and weight thanks to the high energy expenditure generated by a session .

It still allows, in case of hypertension , to lower blood pressure at rest through regular sessions . It can also allow asthmatics , with the help of suitable exercises , to increase their respiratory capacity .
You now know all the physical benefits of swimming . If you already practice swimming , you are more motivated than ever. If you are about to start swimming , then you have the list of everything it will bring you.


Do you suffer from heavy legs , water retention and poor blood circulation ? So ask your doctor, swimming is one of the best sports to help you improve venous return .

Why ? It involves the repetition of many movements and the muscles alternate contraction and relaxation. It is this alternation that will promote blood circulation . Of course, this does not replace consultation with a professional, only he can give you the right advice adapted to your needs and your health .

Finally, know that the practice of a cardio activity gives the feeling of having more energy throughout the day. Do you feel a little tired all of a sudden? So head to the pool to regain your form and energy!


Swimming is a so -called “ cardio ” sport . And, like all cardio sports , it will allow you to maintain this muscle that is your heart . Like all muscles , the more you train your heart , the better it works. It is estimated that one hour of swimming at medium speed practiced at least 3 times a week improves the performance of the heart by 12% … impressive!

Swimming also has a positive effect on respiratory function . It must be said that in swimming , breathingis essential in swimming technique : knowing when to breathe and how. This control, obtained over swimming sessions , will increase lung capacity but also improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles during exercise

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