Ear Wax Treatment: The Easiest Way to Remove Ear Wax

Most people think that earwax can block the ear and cause hearing impairment. That is not the case at all. Earwax forms part of a self-cleaning system in the ear, and there is no need to remove them all the time. The main reason why the ear sometimes experiences blockage is due to the objects people use to remove earwax. Using items such as bobby pins, cotton swabs, and matchbox sticks, usually push the wax further inside the ear. This may lead to ear blockage because the amount of earwax that comes out is less than the amount pushed inside the ear. This usually damages the ear rather than helping it. If you have a serious ear problem, several earwax treatments are available. 

This post will focus on ear wax treatment called ear wax removal. Continue reading to be enlightened. 

What is Ear Wax Removal?

To maintain proper hearing, the ear needs to undergo ear wax treatment. If you leave your ear wax to accumulate, it may lead to discomfort and pain. That is not to say that ear wax is not important. It benefits the ear because it prevents ear canal infections from bacteria. A person with a blocked ear may feel discomfort, pain, hearing loss, fuzziness, or ringing sound. To diagnose hearing issues, the doctor may use an otoscope. 

If this happens to you, there are several ear wax removal home remedies that you can use to clean your ear. You can use earwax medications such as ear drops to soak away the wax and, later on, drain the fluid by lying on one side. If you have wax issues, you can inject warm water into your ear using a syringe. The warm water will break down the ear wax. To prevent ear wax from accumulating in the future, you can also use prescription drugs. These medications are often used once or twice every month. 

What Causes Ear Wax? 

Ear wax may accumulate when the ear produces more ear wax than it can remove. This causes a buildup of earwax. Several health complications can trigger this condition, including:

  • Bony blockage (osteoma or exostoses)
  • Skin diseases like eczema
  • Narrowing of the ear canal that may come from a chronic infection, childbirth, or injury 
  • Infections such as external otitis or swimmer’s ear
  • Autoimmune illnesses like lupus

Some of the mentioned ear conditions may cause direct physical blockage, while others may cause the body to produce more wax than it can get rid of. Other unknown factors may lead to an ear blockage. If you insert an object in your ear more than once, it may cause impacted ear wax. Children and young people who hardly have any medical conditions usually experience this kind of ear health issue. 

A good example is when a person decides to use cotton ear swabs to remove ear wax. This may push the ear wax further inside the ear instead of removing it. A person may end up with a complete ear blockage if he or she continues to use cotton swabs to remove ear wax. Other causes of ear wax blockage include swimming plugs, swim molds, and hearing aids. All these may cause wax buildup when used repeatedly. 

Ear Wax Symptoms 

The color of earwax is usually not the same in all persons. It may vary from light yellow to dark brown. Blockage doesn’t come from dark ear wax. You will know that you have ear wax blockage from these symptoms:

  • You may hear some buzzing or ringing sound in the ear known as tinnitus 
  • Temporary partial and sudden hearing loss
  • Earache and pain
  • Feeling like the ear is filled up

If the ear wax is not removed and accumulates on the ear, it may cause infections. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if you start experiencing these symptoms:

  • An odor coming out of your ear
  • Extreme pain in your ear 
  • Pain in the ear that never seems to stop 
  • Fever 
  • Dizziness 
  • Persistent hearing loss 
  • Drainage from your ear 
  • Coughing 


The ear is a sensitive part of the body that requires tender care. You can’t just insert any object you come across in your ear. This will lead to ear wax buildup, which may cause infections and further complications. The best home remedy to get rid of earwax is using medications such as ear drops to soak up the ear wax before removing it; you can also use prescription medications to get rid of accumulated ear wax. 

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