How was Mikan Tsumiki Abused?

What’s your guess about how Mikan Tsumiki was abused? It’s very likely that she was treated with cruelty. She was a member of the Hope’s Peak Academy’s health committee, which often gave her unsolicited advice and described bodily functions to other students. Mikan wore a hope’s peak academy uniform. The abuser, Mukuro, tied her up, gagged her, and blindfolded her. She was unable to think or speak properly due to this treatment.

Mikan Tsumiki’s low self-esteem

As a child, Mikan was a victim of physical, emotional, and possible sexual abuse. She was often burned by cigarettes and subjected to bullying. She also frequently stutters while speaking and apologizes for offending others. During her bullying, she was made responsible for debts, told to eat bugs, and even interpreted certain animals. Eventually, she had no friends and was extremely shy. As a result, Mikan was a prime target for Hiyoko Saionji.

This low self-esteem has a profound impact on Mikan’s interactions with others. Despite being a bright and capable student, Mikan has low self-esteem. She often fails in her attempts to fit in and tries to gain attention by being ridiculously clumsy. Because of this, she often asks for permission to make embarrassing gestures and poses. As a result, she is often confused when others treat her nicely, or even show empathy for her.

When questioned by the police, Mikan Tsumiki begins to become violent and unstable. She tries to make herself appear weak by begging for forgiveness. When she is accused, she pulls her hair and tries to apologise. Mikan’s lack of self-esteem is evident in every interaction she has with her lover. She is emotionally and physically vulnerable, and she finds comfort in his company.

Her home life

While growing up, Mikan was neglected and abused physically and emotionally. She was also bullied at school, smeared with mud, and burned by cigarettes. She was made responsible for debts, and was forced to eat bugs and imitate certain animals. She was also denied any friendships. Mikan’s home life was filled with abuse, and she developed a low self-esteem.

Although her home life may be idyllic now, her childhood was full of abuse and stress. Mikan’s parents, her brothers, and her teachers are cruel and uncaring. This leaves Mikan with little self-esteem, and she resents her abusers deeply. She also has multiple sadistic obsessions and a deep-seated resentment toward the abusers.

As a child, Mikan was neglected by her parents and raised by her mother alone. Mikan was close to Hiyoko, Mahiru, and Sato. He later grew jealous of his friendships and became suspicious of her behavior. The abuse Mikan suffered began in her early childhood and continued until she was an adult. She was later rejected by her classmates and enrolled at Hope’s Peak Academy.

Self-Hatred Attitude

The abuse Tsumiki suffered at home is evident in her personality. She is timid, always seeking attention, and has an extreme self-hatred attitude. Because of this, she was often the victim of bullies at school. She was also abused by her parents, who didn’t understand her, and left her home to be a nurse. As a result, Tsumiki was very shy and timid, and grew up to be an attention-seeking nurse.

Her abuse by Nagito Komaeda

Mikan Tsumiki, a medical student, was abused by her teacher, Nagito Komaeda. Nagito repeatedly abused Mikan, including forcing her to perform countless unnecessary procedures to maintain his reputation. As a result, Mikan slacked off at school and was frequently late for class. Mikan also suffered from a mental condition called “remnant of despair,” and had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to her new life.

Over-Analyzes Everyone’s Faces

The abuse Mikan suffered from as a child led to the development of a low self-esteem. She stutters and over-analyzes everyone’s faces, resulting in her being very timid. She also became self-conscious and shy, and often apologized to friends and family for being so clumsy and unsocial.

It was during this time that Mikan was forced to become the Ultimate Nurse. Komaeda abused Mikan, and Mikan was forced to become a nurse so he could exert control over people in hospital wards. She also suffered from Despair Fever, which was similar to Komaeda’s condition. However, she has changed and has a newfound sense of self-worth.

Final Words:

After her first appearance in Danganronpa, Mikan starts developing feelings for Hajime. In the last Event, Mikan says that she believes Hajime is a kind person. When Hajime confronts Mikan, he reluctantly shows her the proof of his guilt. Mikan then tells him to stop trying, but later says that he’s happy.

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