Industrial Liquid Flow Meters for Greater Production

Industrial fluid measuring systems are essential tools for providing accurate flow rates. This industry has come a long way, and many advancements are evident in the latest flow measurement technologies. Flow meters can measure flow rate inside the pipeline or outside the pipeline. Proteus Industries offers both insertion and inline flow meters. Insertion flow meters measure the flow rate of fluids that are not flowing inside a tube or pipe. Inline flow meters measure the flow rate of substances flowing inside the pipeline.

All flow meters are designed to read flow rates based on the application of the flow system. Failure to understand how flow meters work will cause you to buy the wrong type of liquid flow meter. This will have adverse effects on your flow system. It is also hard to achieve accuracy if the wrong kind of flow meter is used.

Accuracy and Repetability

Flowmeter accuracy is near the top of the list when analyzing flow meter specifications. The accuracy of a measurement refers to how near it is to the true value going through a system. Accuracy, expressed as a percentage (i.e., +/- 1%), refers to how well the meter’s output matches its calibrated parameters. The smaller the percentage, the more accurate it is.
However, precision isn’t the only factor to consider. When deciding which flow meter to use, consistency or the ability to produce similar results under similar situations. This is because precision is only as good as its constancy.

Types of Flow Meters for Greater Production

Before you decide to pick any flow measuring device, you have to know the flow requirements. That will help you choose the right kind of liquid flow meter. If you are not quite knowledgeable about this type of instrument, we will guide you in choosing the right kind. Here are flow meters that will help you increase your productivity. 

Ultrasonic flowmeters 

Before you decide to purchase an ultrasonic flow meter, you first need to know the condition of the media you intend to measure. Ultrasonics are ideal flow meters for applications that may cause harm to flow meters. You don’t need to install them within the pipeline. The reason is that they measure flow rate through sound waves. If your application measures fluids with particles or slurry, ultrasonic flow meters are not ideal. Ultrasonic flow meters are ideal flow measuring hot fluids that can damage flow meters from the inside. Fluids that can corrode the flow meter are also measured with ultrasonic flowmeters

Turbine flow meters

Another great liquid flow meter that will help you increase your plant’s productivity is turbine flow meters. These are mechanical types of flow meters that measure flow mechanically. Turbine flow meters are fitted with rotors. These rotors spin when fluids go through them. The speed at which the flow moves will determine how fast the rotors will spin. A magnet is fitted along the spinning blade to produce signals which are then given in understandable terms. Turbine flow meters are best used with fluids that don’t have particles. These particles may damage the moving parts within the flow meter. They also require flow with high pressure all the time. If the pressure is too low, it will affect accuracy when measuring flow. Slurry fluids also work well with turbine flow meters. 

Electromagnetic flowmeters 

Electromagnetic fields measure all kinds of water except pure water that doesn’t have ions. The condition and characteristics of the media do not meter, as long as it is conductive. This means that the fluid that requires measurement needs to conduct electricity for this flow master. Mag meters, as they are often called, don’t come into contact with the fluid during measurement. You can count on Proteus Industries for all your flow metering needs. We use recommended materials to manufacture all our flow meters. This ensures that the customer is always certified with our products. 


Greater productivity is only achievable if you use the right flow meters. Failure to use the right kind of flow meter may lead to inaccuracies. This is dangerous, especially if the safety of employees is at stake. Inconsistencies may also cause low productivity. If you are unsure which liquid flow meter will work with the flow system, ask for guidance from the manufacturer. 

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