Patty Gardell: Are Bob & Abishola Married in Real Life?

Billy Gardell and Patty Knight are not married but have a son together. Their relationship has lasted for 20 years and is in good health. They have not engaged in extramarital affairs and their marriage seems to be doing well. Both of them are now raising their young son. If they are married, they do not have children of their own. Their son is a teen, so it would not be possible for them to have a child.

Exact Date of Birth

Patty Gardell was born in 1980. While her exact date of birth is not available, it is believed that she is 41 years old at the time of the interview. The married couple has a son, William III. The two have a long and happy relationship. They also enjoy spending quality time together as a family. They are frequently seen in exotic locations together.

White Dress & Billy Wore Coat Pants

If you are wondering if Patty Gardell is married in real life, the answer is yes. Both actresses are happily married. The wedding took place in 2001 in Los Angeles. In fact, Patty Gardell wore a white dress and Billy wore coat pants. The marriage has been a success for both parties. If you are wondering if they are married, keep reading to find out.

Billy Gardell: The actor is best known for his work in hit TV shows. He plays the lead role in Bob Hearts Abishola. He and Patty Gardell married in 2001. They have one child. The couple live together in a home in Los Angeles. If they are married in real life, they are living a happily-ever-after marriage.

Comedian & Actor

Patty McGrath: The actress is married to Billy Gardell. The actor was born in 2003 and married in 2002. He is a stand-up comedian and an actor. Their marriage is very successful and has lasted for over 20 years. While the actors are not married in real life, they are certainly married. It’s safe to say that they have been together for twenty years.

In real life, both actors have successful careers. In addition to their roles on the screen, they have also had a long-lasting relationship. Both of them have been married since 2001, and they have been in a happy and loving marriage ever since. They are now married and have a daughter. They have been in a long-term relationship for five years.

Philanthropic Endeavors

The couple has been married for over 20 years. They are very active in philanthropic work. Both feel blessed to have a son and are involved in philanthropic endeavors. And in their personal lives, the couple are actively involved in various philanthropic works. They are both devoted to their families and enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

While they have never disclosed their relationship, they were married in 2001. Both actors wore white gowns and had a son named William. It is reported that they have a very happy and fulfilling marriage. However, they are not legally married in real life. While the couple is married, their children have not yet been revealed. It is unclear if they have separated or are still in a relationship.

Billy Gardell

As of 2011, Patty Gardell has been married to Billy Gardell for about 20 years. The couple were previously dating but were married in 2001. They have a son named William, who was born in 2003. They have a peaceful relationship and are not divorced. But it’s still not clear if they’re in real life. And if they are, don’t expect them to have children!


The marriage between the two was secret until they became public in 2003. The couple is still together and have a son, William III. They live in Los Angeles. If they are married, the children have no children of their own. But the relationship between them is not secret. The actor has no children, but they are married to Patty Gardell. She is a single mother and her son are not married.

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