Picme Login: How to Download PICME PDF Form?

If you are wondering how to download Picme Login pdf form, then read this article. This article covers the basics of Picme Login registration process, from Pre-registration to Printing your Acknowledgement. Also, you can read how to verify your mobile number. All these are crucial steps in the registration process. To download PICME pdf form, follow these simple steps:


If you are wondering how to download the Picme Login PDF form, you have come to the right place. Before proceeding further, let us take a look at the Picme Login scheme. You will learn what PICME is, how it works, and how to apply for it. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Pregnant women are mandated by the government of Tamilnadu to register for PICME.
  • You can obtain the PICME form from your health care center or any government health facility.
  • In case you have moved to a new location, you can also pre-register for a birth certificate.
  • However, you do not need to have an Aadhaar to register for PICME. However, it is mandatory if you want to avail yourself of the maternity benefit scheme.

Tamil Nadu Government

The Picme Login portal was established by the Tamil Nadu government. This portal is designed to make the process of registration easy and convenient for expectant mothers. This service is available at government health care facilities, hospitals, basic health care centers, Anganwadi centers, and local nurses. Once you are registered for PICME, you will be eligible to use the benefits of the RCH program. After registering, your local health care provider or nurse will follow you throughout your pregnancy. They will enter your details into the official program for you.

PICME registration status can be checked through the PICME portal. To do so, go to the PICME official website and click on ‘Application ID status’ in the top menu. You will then be able to see whether or not your registration has been accepted. You can also see if your registration has been declined if you have not yet received your application ID acknowledgment. Once you receive your application ID, you can continue to check the status of your PICME registration.

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Personal Details

You can check the status of your PICME registration by filling in the necessary information. You must provide your personal details such as email id and mobile number. After filling in the details, you must also enter a captcha code or OTP. You will receive a PICME number of 12 digits. Once you submit this information, you can then contact your health care authority.


Printing the PICME acknowledgment form is a necessity for patients who visit a hospital. This form should contain the PICME number, which is a 12-digit code sent to the user’s mobile phone. Once the consumer receives this code, they must present it at the VHN office to print the Picme Login acknowledgment. There are two ways to print this form: through the website or by downloading it and printing it from the hospital.

Mobile Number

In order to download the Picme Login PDF form, you will need to verify your mobile number. You can do this by going to the official website and clicking on the link to register. Then, in the top menu, click on ‘Mobile No Authentication.’ Then, enter your RCH ID and mobile number. After that, click on ‘Generate OTP’ to receive an OTP. Enter this number to verify your PICME account. Finally, click on ‘Save’ to complete the process.

Final Words:

You can register for PICME online, at Seva Centers, or through other methods. Alternatively, you can call the Toll-free number 102 and follow the prompts to register. Either way, you will not have to pay the registration fee. After registering, you should check the PICME status online to see if your application has been accepted or rejected. If it is, you can then download the PICME PDF form.


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