Top Instagram Marketing Trends: 2022

These are the Top Instagram Marketing Trends for 2022

We are not far away from welcoming you in 2021. This means that new marketing trends for social media platforms are likely to emerge. Both content creators and marketers have been waiting eagerly for new tools and tweaks to digital marketing platforms that have revolutionised digital marketing. Instagram is the platform that generates the most buzz.


Now and then

About one-third of all users on social media platforms use Instagram. This speaks volumes about Insta. It was initially a photo-sharing app that launched in 2010. Over time, many features have been added to Insta over the years. Many of these features are marketing tools, which has made Instagram marketing a complex subject. They have been a boon for brands, local and international, and content creators and influencers of all levels.

Insta is a vibrant social media platform that features various video and photo-based content. It fits with the best influencers from all over the globe, many of whom are being followed by millions. To reach their followers and gain more likes and followers on Instagram, these influencers and the brands supporting them heavily rely on Insta marketing trends.

Some trends change over time, but others remain the same for more extended periods. This blog will discuss some of Insta’sInsta’s important marketing trends starting in 2020. They are also likely to continue into 2021.

Stories will continue to live

Insta’sInsta’ss feature was launched in August 2016. It was essentially a copy of Snapchat Stories. Both platforms offer users a part to share short videos and photos (up to 15 seconds).

Although subtle differences exist between the two platforms, Insta’sInsta’ss is still better than SnapchaSnapchat’sf. The most significant factors for Instagram stories include the rapid growth in Insta users and Insta’sInsta’s nature of the feature. Snapchat has too many sub-features that make it difficult to use.

Instagram Stories is a great marketing tool for influencers. Since its launch, it has been one of the Insta’sInsta’sopular features and will continue to be the foundation of influencer marketing in 2021. Experts predict that Instagram will experience a dramatic decline in regular Instagram posts by 2021 and a rise in Stories posts.

Life will live and kick

In November 2016, Instagram Live was launched right after the launch of Instagram Stories. Although the Instagram Live feature is very similar to other live broadcasting features, its temporary nature is unique. Once the broadcast ends, an Instagram Live video is lost forever.

Although Instagram Live may not have reached the same heights as Stories, it is still a powerful marketing tool that brands have used, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, which saw Live usage rise by 70%. Live allows for live engagement between brands and influencers. This makes it an ideal tool for Q&A sessions.

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Other popular live videos that have been popular include collaborations and product launches. They also allow audiences to see behind-the-scenes footage, which has allowed for a lot of transparency. Given Instagram Live’s Live’sial marketing benefits, this feature will be heavily used in 2021.

IGTV content will be more popular

Insta users can upload long-form videos to the IGTV app. To view the videos, viewers will need to download the app. However, the Insta app promotes IGTV videos as minute-long trailers. IGTV was launched in 2018 and is relatively new compared with the Live or Stories features. IGTV will be around as long-form video content continues to gain popularity on Instagram.

Although it’s only been three years since IGTV launched, its benefits are evident as brands and content creators have used the app for their social media marketing goals. IGTV offers Insta users new ways of connecting with their followers, from repurposing content previously posted elsewhere to creating detailed tutorial videos.

Many influencers also have their IGTV shows. They are broadcast at the same time each day/week. While IGTV has yet to reach the same heights as YouTube, it is clear that it is on the right track.

With Instagram Checkout, in-app shopping will only grow

Instagram has been long since it allowed businesses and users to share shoppable posts. Instagram also offers a fully-functioning Instagram Shop that enables users to browse various products.

Although Instagram Shop and shoppable posts have added an exciting dimension to the platform, the Insta’sInsta’sut feature was launched in March 2019. It allows users to purchase items without leaving the app and has made Insta more than just a social media platform.

For brands that rely heavily on visual content to promote their products, Checkout has been a great tool. Instagram has become a mix of an online marketing tool and e-commerce platform for such brands. In 2021, these brands will inspire others to use Checkout to enhance the Insta shopping experience further.

Carousel posts will continue to be a trend

Insta’sInsta’sel posts are not new. Insta’sInsta’sintroduction of them was in 2015. They allowed users to upload up to five images to one position—they’veThey’veignificant changes over the years. Insta users can now share up to 10 ideas in one carousel post and include video.

This is because brands can share information about their products through them. One carousel post can include a lot of information that is otherwise difficult to put in one position. It’s a feature to show product demos. Many brands use it innovatively to highlight customer reviews and encourage audience participation. What is the result? The result? More Instagram followers like and, most importantly, brand growth.

Fundraising for social causes is going to gain ground

Many industries were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many brands reported losses of millions of dollars. Insta launched a fundraising feature to help such brands.

This feature allows users and brands to raise funds in various categories, including funds for community members, crisis relief, business, education, and medical needs. The feature is currently only available to Insta users located in the USA, Ireland, and the UK.

The feature will be available in more countries in 2021 as more people and businesses raise money for causes they care about. Although the quality is still in its infancy, it has been used to raise funds for critical social issues like the Black Lives Matter movement. More brands will likely support social causes. It’s InIt’ssInsta’sn of corporate social responsibility.


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