What Does Hinata Call Oikawa?

is Oikawa a setter? This question has often confused fans. In this article, I’ll explain why. You’ll also learn about Hinata’s relationship with Koganegawa and how she feels about her defeat to Kageyama. If you’re confused, don’t worry, because I’ll answer both questions for you! Read on to find out!

Oikawa is a setter

In a previous episode of Hinata, Oikawa, a talented setter, cried because he felt he was outdone by other players. The fact that he was outplayed by his teammates caused him to believe that he would not improve his skills. Now, he’s facing the head coach of the Japanese volleyball team, Iwaizumi Hajime. However, he has acknowledged that Oikawa is one of the best setters.

Hajime Iwaizumi

Oikawa’s childhood friend, Hajime Iwaizumi, is also a setter in Hinata. They were playing volleyball together since they were children. They both make small jokes about each other, but often retract them when the other seems to hit them. However, Hajime Iwaizumi often threatens to hurt Oikawa more than he actually does. Oikawa’s friendship with Iwaizumi taught him not to depend on oneself for his teammates.

Oikawa’s setter position is very important to Hinata. The setter has to serve hard. He must be able to do this in order to block a spike. He is also the setter for Kindaichi, and Daichi sees that he has developed a greater power level. He even invites Kyotani to join the team. However, when Oikawa is trying to serve to Kindaichi, Kyotani tries to interfere and interrupts the game. During the set, Oikawa is offended, and he fails to serve properly.

Hinata’s relationship with Koganegawa

At the beginning of the series, Koganegawa, a first-year at Shiratorizawa Academy, notices Hinata. He points out Hinata to his team and becomes enraged when she is not allowed to stay with him. He also wants to know why Aone respects Hinata and tries to get her feedback on his sets. Koganegawa is also greatly admired by the team’s coach, Washijo.

While training together, Koganegawa and Hinata quickly become friends. The two were introduced at a First Year Training Camp at Shiratorizawa Academy. They became fast friends, and Koganegawa witnessed Hinata’s boldness when he crashed the camp. They practiced together, shared volleyball strategies, and eventually became teammates. They both watched Hinata’s matches with Karasuno, and supported each other during the Spring Tournament. Koganegawa was particularly proud of Hinata’s debut with MSBY Black Jackals.

Synchronized attacks

While playing for Karasuno, Koganegawa often helps Hinata with her synchronized attacks. This caused problems for Date Tech, as Koganegawa could not react in time to block Hinata’s super quick attack. Koganegawa even guessed that Hinata was using super quick, and tried to block Hinata but was too late.

Hinata’s feelings about losing to Kageyama

Despite losing to Kageyama in the karate championships, Hinata still feels devastated. Although she has no mentor, her rivalry with Kageyama has become one of the series’ main themes. Kageyama is also disappointed with Hinata, and the two decide to reconcile. However, Hinata cannot help thinking of Kageyama as the villain of the series.

The series’ plot follows the two as they get closer to each other. The pair initially fight each other and refuse to share the ball. They end up reconciling, but a fight occurs between them over the use of special moves. Later, Hinata walks home with Yachi and talks about Kageyama with him. Eventually, the two become friends and Kageyama begins to decline in abilities.

Final Words:

Their rivalry in karate began during their high school days. They were rivals on a rival team, but as they became teammates, they started to develop a bond. This newfound friendship led to a culture of ‘pushing the limits’, in which Hinata and Kageyama constantly tried to outdo each other in practice sessions. In the karate championship, both players ended up winning, but their rivalry is still a constant source of tension.

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