What is Kyoto 260 years old beard powder acrylic dip glitter powder?

Kyoto, with its many world heritage sites, is a fascinating, ancient, thousand-year-old city, and thebeauty products here are certainly unique to the region! Kyoto’s Uehasu Ezo is a traditional storefamous for its painting tools, and in recent years, it has also developed a natural beard powder acrylic dip glitter powder by hand. Let’s go to see ~. 

Founded in 1751 in Kyoto, Uehasu Ezo, a store specializing in Japanese painting tools, is atraditional store with more than 260 years of history. They developed a handmade galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder. Part of the ingredients is used in this natural material to protect women’s nails, which are loved by women with sensitive skin. 

The powder is actually a pigment made by grinding the shells of dried shells, which is anindispensable pigment for Japanese painting. It is an indispensable pigment for Japanese painting. It is often used in the human figures and masks of Japanese daughters’ festivals, frescoes of shrines and temples, and Japanese paintings, and the closest color to white comes to mind.

The acrylic dip glitter powder made from beard powder has no irritating odor and is relatively mild for nails, and is quick-drying and perfect for color development. Another great feature is that you don’t need to use a special nail wash, it can be easily removed with normal sterilizedalcohol, and it can be used every day, and pregnant women can also use it. The slogan of acrylic dip glitter powder also says that rubbing acrylic dip glitter powder is like rubbing lipstick, representing the feeling of color, fast drying, the morning rush to go out and want to have abeautiful finger color. Using this bottle of acrylic dip glitter powder will be able to color easily. 

Colorless and transparent acrylic dip glitter powder, with a series of plant essential oils to match, so that the fingertips can also have a natural aroma. The taste of orange, ylang-ylang, lavender, etc., can be used according to the condition of the body and mood; there is also a mica series tocreate a shiny finger color, pearl-like glossy feeling, very eye-catching. 

Bearded powder acrylic dip glitter powder alone will be more thin and transparent; with morethan a few layers, you can have a saturated color presentation. 

Uehasu Ezo galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder can be bought all over Japan, but if you have theopportunity to go to Kyoto, of course, is to go to the most taste of this store ~ in the historical capital rubbed with a unique acrylic dip glitter powder, really call people to feel happy ah ~ 

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Brand: Excel 

Name Acrylic dip glitter powderOriginal name: ネ イ ル ポ リ ッ シ ュexcel is a well-knowncosmetics brand. The launch of “acrylic dip glitter powder” to common colors, not to fancy color mixing, packaging as a selling point. The nail-friendly breathable resin is used as the base, andthree kinds of nail oil ingredients, namely avocado oil, argan oil, and dill extract, are addedtocreate the “maintenance system acrylic dip glitter powder.” The elegant packaging, light color, and repairing ingredients are recommended for ladies who are looking for taste and durability.

CANMAKE “new crystal acrylic dip glitter powder” is designed to be as good as brushing your hands and feet! 


Name new crystal splendor acrylic dip glitter powder original name: カラフルネイルズthesame cosmetic brand launched acrylic dip glitters powders, CANMAKE “new crystal splendor acrylic dip glitters powders” to shiny colors to attract everyone’s attention. The seemingly simple bottleactually contains CANMAKE’s thoughtfulness, with an elongated design cap and brush head, making it easy to use for the application. The density of the bristles has also been increased, allowing Acrylic dip glitters powders to adhere better to the brush head; whether it’s for fingers or toes, it’s easy to use!

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