Who Does Tamaki Amajiki Have a Crush On?

Many fans of the manga and anime series have been asking themselves: who does Tamaki Amajiki have a secret crush on? The answer to that question is difficult to pinpoint, as Tamaki keeps much of his personality hidden from us. He has been incredibly shy, revealing only his true feelings on rare occasions. Other than these few moments, however, he remains a mostly aloof character, with little to no indication of his interactions with other people. However, his childhood is a little more openly revealed.

Nejire Hado

The title of this episode, “Tamaki Amajiki Has a Crush on Nejire Hado,” says exactly what it sounds like. It is the crush of a high school student on a popular sportsman. Throughout the course of the series, Nejire’s crush on Tamaki grows stronger as the two pursue their dreams. Despite their differences, they are both deeply in love with the same people. Nejire is a champion of the class of 2003 and is a good teacher who understands the value of a student who shows talent.

While attending a competition together, Nejire and Mirio met Tamaki, and soon realized that they had a crush on each other. Nejire was surprised when Tamaki failed to introduce himself, but Mirio and Tamaki became friends. In the group, Nejire was the most popular student, so Nejire and Mirio were the first to make contact.


Tamaki Amajiki has a crush upon Mirio, a long-range combatant who is also fond of the girl next door. They go out to eat and talk about their homework. On their way back, they attempt to kiss each other, but that just makes Mirio more eccentric. Mirio, on the other hand, feels that the attention is energizing.

The two characters have a lot in common, such as their witty and perceptive personalities. Although their personalities are very different, they share a lot of common traits. Tamaki and Mirio are both receptive to each other, and they seem to have similar ideals. However, Mirio is much more emotional and sensitive than Tamaki. This is another sign that Tamaki may have a crush on Mirio.

When Mirio realizes his crush on Amajiki, he secretly changes Amajiki’s name to Tamaki. Tamaki, however, was unsure of his crush until his crush made him change his name. Mirio isn’t sure why he’s secretly crushing on Mirio, but that’s how it works. If Tamaki had known that Mirio had a crush on him, he would have gotten close to him.


It is quite possible that Tamaki Amajiki has a crush, but how did she find out? It’s very possible because she has been seeing a lot of men lately, including Fumikage Tokoyami and Denki Kaminari. Moreover, there are a lot of other reasons why Tamaki Amajiki has a crush on Bakugou.

In ‘Bakugou’, Tamaki Amajiki’s crush has been making the news ever since Bakugou has been spotted by F/n. He was jogging in place just before he was to meet the girl. He was also smiling when he saw her. And F/n was carefully watching her, as if he wanted to be seen with her.

While he’s trying to win you over, Bakugou has been shy about showing his feelings for Tamaki. He doesn’t show any signs of wanting to break up with you, but he does seem to like the way your hand fits in his. However, you can never be sure if his feelings for you are genuine or not. He might have a crush on you, or he just wants to make you feel good.


There’s a lot of speculation about whether or not Tamaki Amajiki has a crush upon NejiYuyu, the princess from the series ‘Tokyo Girls’. After all, the young girl is extremely cute, but she’s too shy to make a move. Fortunately, Mirio’s friendship with Amajiki has made it clear that she likes him.

The couple is a femslash. Nejire and Yuyu are best friends in the anime, and both consider each other beautiful. Though Nejire and Yuyu share limited screentime, their relationship has received positive feedback. Both characters are keen on winning the beauty contest, and both are keen on defeating Bibimi. Despite being shy and reserved, NejiYuyu’s crush on Amajiki is obvious.

Final Words:

While Tamaki Amajiki is an Omega, her crush on NejiYuyu is unrequited. The two share the same interests and traits, but they are very different from each other. Nejire is a talkative extrovert while Tamaki is a shy and reserved introvert. Nejire teases Tamaki often, which she believes to be an expression of affection for her.

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