Why choose ExtNoc for network security solutions?

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Businesses remain committed to cyber security this year.

Because of the growing need to secure their hybrid workforce and data, most companies should invest more in employee awareness training, data protection, vulnerability detection, and response.

The number of businesses investing in data security and network security has increased.

Cybersecurity will remain a top priority for companies in 2022 as threats expand and new vulnerabilities emerge. Companies are expected to invest in employee training, data protection, vulnerability detection, and response mechanisms to secure their hybrid workforce and data due to the increasing urgency of securing their hybrid workforce.

For businesses in the digital age, they must continue to invest in cloud-based security, data protection, and network security solutions.

In 2022, how will the global cybersecurity market growth compare to 2021? Will Cisco experience growth in this area in 2022?

There will be so many data breaches and cyberattacks on companies, governments, and individuals that 2022 will be a record-breaking year. Cybersecurity start-ups raised $ 7.8 billion in the first quarter of 2021, surpassing last year’s record. Our security segment grew by 13% year-over-year in Q3 FY21. As enterprises adopt hybrid work and business models,

Cisco is seeing high demand for its collaboration, cloud, and other offerings in addition to its security offerings.

It is possible that the cloud platform’s status pages do not reflect certain changes

More diplomatically, Malik Zakaria, CEO of ExterNetworks, explained the situation.

He said in a telephone interview with The Register: “We need to ensure compliance with SLAs when we talk to our customers.”

There have been reports that sometimes the service is interrupted. Nevertheless, we will assist you in resolving them in accordance with the contracts. We can return the service 99.99 percent of the time, he said.

Zakaria reports that the cloud service providers’ support staff is very good and works around the clock.

The following are some of ExtNoc’s most innovative security technologies

Everybody has had a challenging few years. Since the pandemic still looms everywhere, people have somewhat adapted to the new normality. New technologies have also emerged during that period.

Several technologies will take center stage in 2022, according to an IEEE study. Technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, and 5G. ExterNetworks is a pioneer in smart MSP solutions and services, continuously innovating and developing its service offering. And also taking note of the latest technology developments.

Measures to protect the security

Cybersecurity –

As IoT networks develop, cybersecurity will become an even greater concern for users. Mobile workers and hybrid workers (those who work from home or away) are no exception for cyber attacks. Also cloud and data center vulnerabilities, and coordinated or ransomware attacks are the biggest concerns. Ransomware attacks have grown in popularity in recent years, and in 2020, they will be one of India’s most significant Cyber Security threats. 

In the field of smart IoT, ExterNEtworks has long placed a high priority on information security. By taking network security and privacy protection seriously. ExtNoc ensures users’ data security for a lifetime with its end-to-end encryption. As part of its security protection measures, the company uses certificate authentication, code stream integrity verification, and code stream encryption.

Data collected from networks is encrypted and protected throughout the collection process. The collection begins with the collection and ends with use.

Describe how security features work

Network Security monitoring also referred to as Network performance monitoring is a part of Network Management. Our Cybersecurity services provide risk reporting and cyber security information to clients to help reduce cybersecurity issues. It maintains a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) to receive, repair, and disclose any risks related to Dahua material.

Integration of video surveillance


Our security cameras offer a portable, accurate, and economical solution. This helps in preventive maintenance in areas subject to temperature fluctuations (e.g., home, work).

In addition to electrical defects, machines, equipment, and buildings can also be inspected.

Devices powered by artificial intelligence

There are a lot of devices that use AI in the world. From your mobile to the Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, those gaming platforms like Chess for self-practice uses AI, Self-driving Cars. Processors and Graphics Processing Units are also using AI for better performance with lower power consumption.

As we approach the new year, let’s look at some of the technological trends that will drive the tiger year:

AI-based service analysis and entry-level devices will become more widely used in various fields and industries.

AI enables integration into endpoints, peripherals, and cloud environments. The AI-related technologies – are likely to drive much of the video surveillance innovation in 2022 and beyond. Such as business intelligence, network vulnerability detection, and bandwidth.

Synchronization with zero latencies

In the coming years, 5G technology will be a key factor in video conferencing and telecommuting. With 5G broadband technology, video connections are capable of providing real-time image sharing and zero-latency audio and video synchronization. By enabling efficient remote communication and collaboration.

Recent IDC research shows that employers worldwide will adopt hybrid work models that combine telework and on-site work shortly. Also in demand will be video conferencing solutions and digital tools for teleworking.

Enhance data management

Another area that will grow in the coming year is the convergence of multidimensional sensing devices and systems using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) belong together under the term Internet of Things. By optimizing IoT operations, improving human-machine interactions, and improving data management and analysis, this technology improves IoT operations. The IoT environment allows each component to control AI independently, but they can also connect to perform tasks more effectively.

Using artificial intelligence-based video technology, thermal imaging and security systems have been combined. In order to meet the growing needs of large-scale perimeter security scenarios.

The most innovative cyber security companies are usually not public, although there can always be an exception. 

But here is a good start.

Why ExtNoc for innovative network security solutions?

In the year 2022, ExterNetworks is celebrating its 21st anniversary of independently supported Managed services.

It is possible to enhance existing systems without adding additional components with ease of use, artificial intelligence, and other intelligent features. Inviting new cloud and SLA-based projects.

Next year, there will be a number of updates, including network support and artificial intelligence-based time planning.

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