Some Reading Test Tips for IELTS to Score 7+

Test Tips for IELTS to Score 7+

IELTS Reading Test Tips

Save time and money – follow the tips to ensure you get a high score. Where to start? First, don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. 3 million people wouldn’t take it on a yearly basis if it weren’t possible. Here in this article you read some reading test tips for IELTS to Score 7+.

Passing the IELTS is not only about the quality of your English, but also about your attentiveness when reading the tasks (often the wording is deliberately confusing) and how quickly you prioritize the time allotted to you during the exam. First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with the test structure and answer sheet templates.

IELTS tips and tricks

Tips for IELTS to Score 7+

Read out  the formation of the test (above) and learn it

You must be fully aware of what awaits you in terms of timing, types of tasks, breaks, expectations. Understand the different types of questions.

Define Your Learning Strategy

Find the nearest IELTS test center in your city. There are a myriad of offline and online IELTS courses run one-on-one with a teacher or in a group

Set yourself realistic goals but aim a little higher!

You don’t have to get a good score the first time, but you can get better next time. It is practice makes perfect. Make mistakes. Understand the reasons for mistakes to prevent yourself from repeating them.

Practice Every Day

Structure your studies in sections, prioritize your time. Plan and organize yourself for 45 min of study focus and 15 min of breaks. Put all distracting devices aside and turn off social media. Do not neglect any module. Devote equal time to listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It is strongly advised to focus a little more on the writing and reading modules as they will consequently contribute to the improvement of the other modules. Practice multitasking, which means listening to the tape, reading the questions, and taking notes so you can formulate the answers afterwards.

Read in English

 Make sure you are informed about current events and issues. Once you feel comfortable flipping through a daily newspaper, consider yourself ready. This, therefore, will improve your vocabulary and grammar. Improve vocabulary to use synonyms. Familiarize yourself with them. Repeating words and using simple sentences will not earn you any additional points and, in fact, may only earn you a negative score. Memorize 15 best practice words, phrases and linking words and always have them ready in your head for every situation. This will help you in all modules of the test. Improve your reading speed. When you practice the reading module at home, set yourself a timer. Don’t be optimistic about time, it runs faster during the exam. Excel in reading first, then you will automatically get a higher score in the IELTS writing exam. The more you understand, the more you can possibly articulate

Learn the Exam Approach

In all parts, it is strongly recommended that you first go through the entire text/exercise and highlight the words you think will be emphasized. This will help you navigate to the question-answer later and subconsciously divide the text into parts. Use the keywords in the question to find the answer. Write out a plan for written responses – and follow it every time.

Pay Attention and Read the Questions Twice

It is common practice that an answer may be hidden in the question itself. Read the instructions carefully and always look at the example. Don’t overlook the sample questions and answers.

Answer exactly what is asked

No more no less. Don’t go off topic, don’t overstep the line. 2 or 3 points for your reasoning is very good. Do not overdo it. Give only one answer, unless you are specifically asked to give multiple options.

Filter out irrelevant noise

IELTS is about finding relevant answers in the volume of big data. The tasks will be long and arduous, but make no mistake – your task is to find the answers to these questions and that is the only motivation you should have.

Practice transferring the answers from the answer sheet to the “original”

It also requires time and efficiency in the use of space.

Double check your answers if you have free time

We are all human and can forget something. Make logical guesses when in doubt. Don’t leave things blank. Check your grammar, spelling and writing. If your writing is confusing, it will be marked as false by default. Your answer may be marked as incorrect if the structure of your answer is also not grammatically correct. Less is more! When in doubt, use short but precise answers.

Think of the IELTS test as a job interview

Sleep well before the test, arrive early enough and put on your best smile and best outfit.

If you can, take a place in the first three rows of the listening test

Experience shows that these lines have the best audio access. Listen carefully. If you miss something, drop it and continue with future tasks.

Do not be nervous

Stay cool and calm. Get water and chocolate (outside the classroom). Try to maintain normal fluidity. If you score well – great. If you don’t – great. It’s time to rehearse and learn, it’s not the end of the world and IELTS has no retake limit.

Be yourself

The more relaxed you and yourself are, the more engaging and comfortable the conversation with the IELTS instructor will be.

 If you want to know more about IELTS reading tips. So, get in touch with us IELTS Coaching in Jaipur. There’s no key to unlocking a high score in your IELTS, but these tips are sure to help you in your efforts to achieve great results on your next IELTS attempt. And the last advice for you is to join IELTS coaching in Jaipur. because Jaipur has the best environment for students to study their beautifully. Additionally, Jaipur has IELTS Coaching andoverseas education consultants in India who can help you to get the path of study overseas.

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