The Book of Changes: A Guide To I-Ching

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the 5,000-year-old Chinese book of wisdom. As a divination text, it is used for a traditional Chinse form of cleromancy, known as I Ching divination. Cleromancy is the production of seemingly random numbers to determine divine intent. 

What Are I Ching Psychic Readings?

I Ching psychic readings focus on how you can better acquaint yourself with the wisdom of the universe. It is one of the oldest methods of divine guidance from the universe. I Ching psychics aim to deliver messages to their clients from the center of the universe. They want to provide you with occult answers to questions that couldn’t be answered any other way, and they want to leave you feeling calm, balanced, safe and profoundly guided.

Dream Interpretation

The wisdom of the I Ching is that the future is not already fixed, but can be manipulated. It’s like a constantly shifting flux that is similar in nature to the seasons. Inspirational psychic readings as well as I Ching readings can help to show you how dreams shape you and your reality. 

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New Moon Rituals

The cycle of the moon symbolizes the creation of the golden elixir by using six trigrams. The moon that shines in the dark sky is dark when it is new. The I Ching teaches that even though people fear the darkness, there is a treasure trove of wisdom waiting there. 

As the principle powers of nature are all combinations of yang and yin, the yang-yin balance is expressed in eight three-line combinations called trigrams. The power that is represented in the images of the trigrams makes up the natural universe. 

The sun represents fire and the moon represents water. Each travels through heaven and earth, creating the six firing times. The firing process refers to the process of burning away the human mentality of acquired compulsive habits, conditioning, the six senses causing trouble, wandering thoughts and the seven emotions. 

During the new moon phase, the darkness that surrounds us can be healing and restorative and can yield wisdom, too. Many look at the new moon phase as a time to retreat into themselves and rest, allowing that restorative power to fulfill them. Resting when the universe facilitates it is a way of existing seamlessly and in tranquility. 

Lost objects psychic readings aim to help people to recover things. The I Ching aims to help people to uncover things. By learning about and actively participating in the book of secrets, you are effectively communing with the universe and with a deeper part of yourself.

The Book of Changes aims to guide you through the laboratory of the universe. Your journey will be full of your own investigations and experiments and the things that you record in the book will lead you to a greater understanding of the cosmos and yourself. After all, you are one in the same. Visit a psychic today to learn more about how to better understand the universe and manifest your destiny, and set yourself up for a wiser, and happier, tomorrow.

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