Who is Brent Faiyaz Dating? | Brent Faiyaz’s Girlfriend & Exes

If you’re looking for Brent Faiyaz girlfriend, then you’ve come to the right place. His Twitter account is full of and flirty messages, and he isn’t shy about it, either. His ex, Holly hood Tizzy, explains that the relationship with Brent began on a serious note, but ended on a lighter note. However, she did go on to post a picture of the two of them together in a tweet thread. The couple later split, but the reasons for the breakup are still under review.

Amber Olivier

After gaining fame through Lost Kids, LLC, Brent Faiyaz has been very quiet about his love life. While he has kept his relationships private, a few details about his relationships have leaked out. For instance, he was linked to Amber Olivier, a model, a few times before she went on tour with him.

It’s important to note that Brent Faiyaz is a Virgo, which means that he is a Virgo. This is probably why he’s so open about his love life. He was spotted with one woman during his career, and both of them slammed his debut album. Luckily, his girlfriend had the same zodiac sign as him and even had children together.

Pierson’s Father

Although the relationship between him and Zahara is not public, she’s been dating him since 2015. In August 2017, he invited Pierson’s father to play a game with him, where he hired fake cops to arrest him. When the father asked, they pointed at the actor and said “I’m guilty”. In all, it appears that they are close friends, but the relationship isn’t yet confirmed.

Low-Key Lifestyle

Unlike other celebrities, he has a low-key lifestyle. Few details about his personal life have leaked to the media, and his reputation has been maintained by his fans. But there are rumors about him dating a number of notable women. His longtime girlfriend, Amber Olivier, is a model, and she reportedly dated several other men before she posed for him.

Music Producer

Besides being a music producer, Brent is also an artist. He has been a member of the band Sonder since 2016. The singer was born in Maryland and moved to Los Angeles in 2016, and is currently single. He hasn’t been married and has never been in a relationship. In addition, he is an entrepreneur, so he probably doesn’t have an ex-girlfriend.

Though Brent Faiyaz has no known girlfriend, there have been several other women who were linked to him. His first girlfriend, Zahara Davis, is an actress who appeared in his music videos. During his career, he has appeared on many TV shows and on the radio. He is single but has a lot of sources of income.

Leader of Sonder Band

The 25-year-old musician is the leader of the Sonder band. The group’s first U.S. tour, titled “Attention Seeking,” took place in Los Angeles on September 19, 2017. The group is on tour for the first time in the U.S. in 2017 and his new album, ‘Sweet,’ was released in 2015.

During his career, Brent Faiyaz has been romantically linked to several people. His ex-girlfriend, Zahara Davis, dated him for four years, and they were even close during the iHeartRadio Music Awards. it was unclear whether the relationship was genuine or fake.


In addition to his rumored girlfriend, Brent Wooderson has a devoted fanbase on social media. While he has been single for a few months, his Instagram account is flooded with photos of his family. While his rumored Brent Faiyaz girlfriend is still unnamed, her net worth is estimated to be around $350K as of 2020.

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