Elle Bielfeldt: How Much Money Does Meyers Leonard Make a Year?

Despite his success in the NBA, Meyers Leonard’s wife, Elle Bielfeldt, hasn’t announced her net worth. She works with her husband on the company Level Foods and manages its brand. She also runs a nutrition blog and records podcasts. She makes $1.75 million per year, and she has no children.

Actress & Entrepreneur

Elle Bielfeldt: The actress and entrepreneur is best known for her work in the world of e-sports. She has a large following on YouTube, where she broadcasts her video game sessions. Her Twitch account boasts over 69,000 subscribers, while her social media profiles boast more than 550,000 followers. However, she has been plagued with controversy recently, after being accused of using a racist term in a video that appeared on her Twitch channel. The Miami Heat have not yet publicly commented on the incident.

Entertainment Industry

The actor’s salary is relatively low. He earns a salary of $43,240 per year as a businessman. Those working in the entertainment industry can expect to earn between $5 million and $10 million a season. But Meyers Leonard makes a much higher income. This is largely due to her multiple businesses. So, despite having a modest income, she can afford to have multiple homes.

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Social Media Presence

In addition to running Level Foods and Meyers Leonard, Elle Bielfeldt also runs two other successful companies. How much money does Meyers Leonard make yearly? She has multiple businesses. She earns about $43k per year as a businessman. And, she has a social media presence. She has a blog that she writes about her work.

She’s a businesswoman and a blogger with a net worth of $5 million. Her husband, Meyers Leonard, is an NBA player and earned $39.4 million last season. How much money does he make? Aside from her business success, Elle Bielfeldt is also a TV personality, a social media influencer, and an entrepreneur!

E-Sports Channel

Her social media presence is a huge factor in her success. She’s a popular YouTuber and has a large online following. Aside from his e-sports channel, he’s also active on Twitter. As of late, she has earned more than $4million since her marriage with Meyers. She’s worth nearly $2 million a year.

Her personal life and work are highly diversified. She runs Level Foods, which are both based in Chicago. While she’s an entrepreneur, she has many other ventures that bring in revenue. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million per year. She is married to a basketball player. Aside from her career, she has a social media profile, too.

University of Illinois

The star’s family is a major contributor to her wealth. She was recruited by the University of Illinois while in high school. The two were matched up after meeting as freshmen at the University of Illinois. They dated in February 2011 and later got engaged. She’s not planning to have children at the moment, but the couple has a future.

Final Words:

Elle Bielfeldt’s net worth is estimated to range from $1.5 million to $55 million. Her husband has multiple businesses and has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Moreover, she has also started her own entrepreneurship, and has her own personal blog. The two have a net worth of over $1 million. And their net worth will grow as their business grows.

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