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How to get 500+ Instagram followers in a One Post

Everyone would like to gain more followers on Instagram Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia however, few people are aware of how to achieve it. 

They’ll regularly post, use excellent hashtags and interact with their audience but the followers aren’t quick to start trickling into.

 Most likely, the best method to rapidly increase the number of fans for Instagram is to hold an Instagram contest.

you follow the guidelines below and follow our tried-and-tested Instagram contest method,

you will be able to gain thousands of Instagram followers with only one post! 

This may sound like a lot but it’s actually quite effective. Here’s the exact way to accomplish it:

How to Increase followers on Instagram

Step 1: Determine the most appropriate time to hold your own Instagram Contest

However, it’s a great idea to link your Instagram contest with a larger marketing objective, like increasing awareness of a newly launched product! 

Think about when your company could be most benefit from an additional boost in engagement and awareness

A few eCommerce businesses prefer to host Instagram competitions in the “off-season” or during a period of low business.

a great method to remain relevant and gain an increase in followers for Instagram especially since your competitors may be posting less often!

 Examine Instagram analytics to find out the time of day that your Instagram account receives the lowest amount of engagement.

Then, make plans to organize your Instagram competitors during that duration!

you’re launching a brand new Instagram account and want to host an Instagram contest

that involves a couple of various influencers or brands is a simple method of gaining many more people following Instagram and creating a lot of engagement.

The Proven, Magic Formula for Hosting an Instagram Contest:

Here’s our tried and tested Instagram contest formula that will increase your followers on Instagram with just one post:

  1. Work with a brand or an influencer who has the same consumer base and market
  2. Select a prize that is sure to get your group excited
  3. If you’re working with an influencer,
  4. let that person host the event through their account (if you’re working with the brand, you’ll be able to decide which account is the best one that can host your contest)
  5. Set clear rules for entering: to be eligible for your account, you must follow @youraccount and @yourpartner and include X number of your friends in a post
  6. The contest should be run for a brief period of time: not longer than 5 days, ideally, 2-3 days

when it partnered with the popular food blogger Foodess which resulted in 331 followers in just three days.

This is quite amazing considering Foods has an average of 11k followers. Find all the rules for her contest here.

Once you’ve mastered the method to gain more followers on Instagram This is how to follow it:

How to host An Instagram Contest

Step 2 Partner with a Brand or Instagram Influencer

Attention must be paid This is the most crucial step to hosting the Instagram contest! 

Working with a partner company or Instagram Influencer is the best way to gain more followers via your Instagram contest. 

When you run the Instagram contest with each other you can connect with each other’s followers

and reach thousands or hundreds of new potential customers…all with just one Instagram post!

When choosing the firm and Instagram influencer to work with,

ensure you select one with an identical target market and a target audience that could want to purchase your product. 

This can also aid in the effectiveness of your Instagram contest since you’re targeting the kind of people you’d like to reach.

If you decide to use Instagram influencer marketing over working with a company, let the influencers to take the direction of your Instagram contest. 

They can decide the time to post and which image to post, as they know the audience they’re targeting best! 

Let the influencer announce the contest first on their channel before programming the image on your channel,

and then direct your viewers to participate in the contest through the account of the influencer.

Remember that the objective is to acquire new followers on Instagram, so you should try to draw attention to the reach of another account, not your own.

Step 3: Choose an Instagram Prize to enter your Contest

This is the most fun part! Picking the prize to be awarded in an Instagram contest is about understanding your followers.

 What has your audience been seeking out or is interested in recently? 

Inspiring the Instagram competition around the particular product or service that your followers truly would like is a great way

to demonstrate that you’re paying attention to what your audience has to have to say.

If your business is located locally You can consider giving away non-product prizes like meeting-and-greets or some other unique event as a prize instead of a product that is free. 

At the conclusion of the day deciding on the prize you’ll use to be awarded in your Instagram contest boils down

to understanding what your target audience is looking for and what can generate maximum excitement.

 If you can convince an entire group of people to let their friends know about the Instagram competition, then you’re likely to increase the number of fans on Instagram!

It’s also important to take into consideration the value in dollars of your offer. 

For example, in the United States, if a prize is worth 600 USD or greater,

then the winner must pay tax on the prize. It’s not an issue for larger companies,

however you must check the laws of your country for more details on sweepstakes and lotteries and competitions.

Step 4: Make Rules and then launch the Instagram contest!

If you’re running a contest to gain more followers on Instagram It is important to make your contest as well as it can.

 The best method to achieve this is to request followers to include at least one person in the comments so that they can enter which is essential to the growth of your business. 

In enticing Instagram users to add friends in their comments,

you will get more attention for the contest, and boost your brand’s visibility by ensuring that more users view the Instagram account and participate in the contest.

Check that the rules of the rules for your Instagram contest is clearly defined in the contest description,

you must have an opening and closing time and there are rules for the contest.

One of them states that contestants must follow both accounts in order to take home the prize! 

Here’s one example is taken from The Burrard Hotel and Local Wanderer that you can copy:

The moment you’ve been waiting forIt’s time to launch the Instagram contest! 

After the post has been live on your partner’s or influencer’s profile,

you should copy it to your personal Instagram account to show your brand or influencer partner some love and inform your followers that the contest is on. 

If you are able, consider posting an additional Instagram post about your contest.

Also, make sure to promote the contest on other social media channels for a greater overall reach.

That’s it! Now you’ve got the Instagram contest up and running and you’re beginning to gain new followers

for Instagram Keep in contact with your brand partner or Instagram influencers during the contest and interact with your new followers in the best way you can. 

Let them know that you’re engaged and is interested in interacting with their audience.

After the Instagram contest is finished and you’ve picked winners or winners

you’ll see an enormous increase in the number of your Instagram followers,

but it doesn’t mean your job is over!. The Burrard gained nearly 500 Instagram followers by the partnership with an influencer that has 60k followers.

Once you’ve gained those followers, you’ll need to make sure you keep all of them!

Make sure you post interesting content following the contest.

You can also make sure to reply to all of your followers who have joined. 

Make sure to keep an buymalaysianfollowers eye on those who have joined your community and let them feel as if they’re part of your social circle. 

If you respond to their posts or include the influencer or brand who you’ve collaborated with,

you’ll earn the trust of your followers for a long time to follow.

Are you ready to increase the number of users in Instagram with your very own Instagram contest? Tell us about your results!

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