What Is The Best Artificial Grass In Australia?

You’ve decided to use our lifelike Artificial Grass in your garden; now it’s time to determine which range is best for you. We offer four various types of Artificial Grass at Australian Outdoor Living; whether you want something kid-friendly, realistic and lush, or excellent for sports, there’s a type to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here is a guide to assist you in making the best decision while purchasing Artificial Grass. If you are interested in buying the best quality artificial grass in Australia, you should go to the SHE KNOWS LIVING website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to artificial grass.

It’s critical to grasp the following factors while selecting the proper Artificial Grass for your backyard:

The length of the grass, measured from the backing to the tip, is referred to as pile height. When selecting the best Artificial Grass for you, pile height is crucial. Your choice will be primarily determined by its intended purpose; elements such as the application, foot traffic, and aesthetics must all be considered before making a final decision. 

Look for a more extended pile height to achieve a lovely, realistic lawn. Your backyard will become the ideal place for relaxation and recreation with more cushioning and a softer touch underfoot. A shorter pile height is recommended if your outside space receives a lot of foot traffic or if you have a young, active household.


The thatching fiber is tufted into the base of our Artificial Grass. This allows the lawn to mimic both the springy and supporting qualities of natural grass, ensuring that your Artificial Grass maintains its shape and can withstand high traffic while staying soft and lush underfoot. 

 Substrate (also known as sand infill) is the component that serves as the foundation for your artificial grass. Crushed rock/dust, widely used in the construction industry, offers a rigid base for your fake grass. 

Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln-dried sand has a maximum granular diameter of 1mm and is fine sand. Because it is easy to spread, kiln-dried sand is an excellent choice for Artificial Grass. This sand is different from regular sand since it is free of small rocks, giving it a softer feel underfoot while weighing down the lawn blades and assisting them in standing erect. 

Best Artificial Grass 

This collection, which comes in a stunning blend of emerald green and olive tones and has a pile height of 20mm, is suitable for most landscape applications.

The Fairway Range

The Fairway range is not only durable and long-lasting, but it also comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy your artificial grass for years to come. Due to its UV resilience, your grass will remain lush and realistic all year, assuring that it will not fade during the hot summer months.

The Augusta range

Augusta is a mountain range in Georgia. Our Augusta series is an incredibly realistic appearing artificial grass with brown curled thatching. With a 35mm pile height that is soft to the touch, it is comfortable to walk on and provides a welcoming atmosphere when you step out into your garden.

If you utilise your backyard to entertain family and friends all year, artificial grass is the way. It’s softer, more realistic, and more durable. The Augusta collection is ideal because it checks all of these criteria. It’s also UV resistant and backed by a seven-year warranty.

Savannah Broad Leaf Range

 Savannah Broad Leaf is a collection of broadleaf plants from Savannah, Georgia. The Savannah Broad Leaf series is our most luxuriant Artificial Grass, with a larger blade and a pile height of 37mm. With its olive-brown curly thatching, this type resembles several Australian kinds of grass and has the highest pile height and density of our entire range.

If you and your family spend a lot of time relaxing and entertaining in your backyard, this is the best option. The Savannah collection provides more cushioning and flexibility underfoot thanks to the longer blades, giving it a rich, realistic feel and making it wonderfully easy to walk on. Like our other collections, the Savannah Broad Leaf is UV resistant and backed by a 7-year warranty. 

The Multisport Range
It has the smallest pile height in our collection, at just 10mm, making it an excellent choice for active families.

The reduced pile height of the Multisport series gives a flat, springy surface for you to attain the best bounce, offering you a genuine playing experience. So, our Multisport is the best option if you have an active family and want to build a fun activity area in your backyard for your kids. You can also get a seven-year warranty with a range.

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