Rafe Cameron The Main Character of OBX by Drew Starkey

After a very emotional season of OBX, Rafe Cameron is a complicated character. This article will look at the character from a different perspective, covering his behavior problems and relationship with his father. Rafe Cameron: The Main Character of OBX by Drew Starkey becomes a compelling character, and it has been one of my most watched TV shows. I hope you enjoy this review of Rafe Cameron!

Drew Starkey’s portrayal of Rafe Cameron

The cast of OBX features a number of young actors. Drew Starkey is 27 years old, which is slightly older than his character Rafe. He is also younger than his character, which makes him more relatable. The actors are based on real life characters, so they are not necessarily related to each other. However, they have a lot in common, as they all have a connection to the Outer Banks.

The main character of the show is Rafe, the brother of Sarah Cameron and Wheezie Cameron. He struggles to live up to his father’s expectations and struggles with drugs. He often makes poor decisions, trying to impress his father while making ends meet with drug dealers. This leads to many complications. In the end, he ends up shooting Sheriff Peterkin and blaming John B., attempting to make himself more important than Sarah and reclaim his role as the number one Cameron.

first episode of the show

During the first episode of the show, Rafe and his friends discover Rafe Cameron’s true nature. Rafe is a very clumsy, aggressive character who encourages bad blood between The Kooks and the Pogues. Rafe has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also very tall, and is usually wearing preppy country club attire. In OBX, Rafe is a member of the golf community, and he often plays golf with Topper.

His relationship with his father

The plot of Rafe Cameron’s relationship with his dad in OBX revolves around his father’s past behavior. He was abusive to his sister in the past, and this episode shows that he has not changed. Rafe also has behavioral issues. For example, he is seen holding a knife and using cocaine. The episode shows that he has a difficult relationship with his father and this character is a great example of how Rafe’s behavior has snowballed into his character.

Despite Rafe’s promise to become a man like his father, Ward is proving to be a liability. The two are at odds, as Rose has expressed concern over Rafe’s mental state. She is concerned that Ward might kill her son. Rafe’s mother has a past with another man. But what if she’d found out? Would he trust Rose again?

The complicated relationship between Rafe Cameron and his father is one of the most complex in the TV series. His father was a violent psychopath, and Rafe takes after him. His only male role model is his violent father. Rafe’s father couldn’t care less about his son, but his impulsive behavior causes him to seek approval from his father. Consequently, he is constantly arguing with his father.

His behavior issues

In this episode of ‘The O.B.X.’ Rafe had several behavior issues. Rafe became very aggressive. When he was angry, Rafe looked like his dad. He had control issues and loved feeling in control. But Rafe also had a daughter who was a teenager and he was worried that she would be like him. Rafe would take deep breaths and sit in the backyard, aggressively tapping his feet. He also tried to focus his mind on other things.

While the episode’s main characters were able to resolve their conflicts, Rafe is still having a hard time accepting his own identity. He is in a constant state of paranoia and is trying to figure out who he is. He must stop hiding behind his upbringing and lifestyle. He has reached a fork in the road, and he must choose to own up to his past or listen to the lies he’s been telling himself.

Final Words:

Rafe Cameron’s behavior issues in the OBX were not a surprise. He had been getting into fights with JJ and John B. Sarah, meanwhile, had been annoyed with him. She had assumed that he didn’t like her. However, this didn’t change the fact that Rafe and his father were genuinely trying to help his daughter. Rafe Cameron’s behavior issues in OBX had been long brewing.

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